The gold standard in luxury aviation, the GVI offers unparalleled speed, style, and comfort. The Gulfstream G650 is one of the most exclusive private jets in the world. Also known as the G6 or GVI, this long range jet travels at more than 92 percent the speed of sound, delivers incredible range of 7,000 nautical miles, and offers a quieter, roomier cabin loaded with advanced technology and adaptability.

Incredible speed, range, and comfort, along with the ability to use most private jet airports and Gulfstream’s proven platform & reliability, make the GVI a popular choice for long range private jet charter, corporate/individual aircraft ownership, and military/government applications.

The G650ER (extended range) provides an additional 500 nautical miles of range thanks to Gulfstream’s unique aerodynamic improvements, and is the new flagship business jet in the Gulfstream G series.

Air Charter Advisors offers a variety of private jet services on the Gulfstream G650 / G650ER, including on-demand and bespoke jet charters, executive flights, and empty legs; G6 jet card memberships, fractional G6 ownership programs, and individual and corporate aviation services including GVI sales & acquisitions, supplemental lift, aircraft management, and charter marketing.

World-class luxury, style, and performance — Gulfstream’s flagship aircraft once again stands atop the world of luxury aviation.

Key Features

  1. The most advanced business jet in the world
  2. Incredible range of 7,500 nautical miles
  3. Seating for up to 19 passengers
  4. Outstanding runway performance for its size
  5. One of the highest reliability rates in the industry

Popular Flight Requests

The world becomes incredibly smaller inside a G650 private jet, traveling internationally all in a day’s work. Enjoy an outstanding non-stop flight range of 7,000 nautical miles with 8 passengers on-board while cruising at speeds of just over 650 mph — compared to other large-cabin business jets, the G6 flies faster. G650ER jet charters extend flight range by an additional 500 nautical miles.

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