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5 Ways a Concierge Can Help You Make the Most of Your Vacation

Are you one of those people who gets home from a week of vacation only to proclaim, “I need a vacation from my vacation!”? Don’t worry—you are not alone. The key to avoiding this scenario filled with post-vacation stress is sound planning before the vacation and excellent support in place while you’re away. Monogram Concierge can make sure you have both. We want your vacation to be the stress reducer it is intended to be rather than a source of additional stress. Following some simple guidelines, and relying on support from your concierge as you plan your vacation, will improve your odds of having a successful vacation experience that brings you back home satisfied, re-energized, and ready to return to work (OK, maybe not exactly ready to go back to work—but two out of three isn’t...
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The Gold Standard In Luxury Aviation

Incredible speed, range, and comfort, along with the ability to use most private jet airports and Gulfstream’s proven platform & reliability, make the GVI a popular choice for long range private jet charter, corporate/individual aircraft ownership, and military/government applications. The G650ER (extended range) provides an additional 500 nautical miles of range thanks to Gulfstream’s unique aerodynamic improvements, and is the new flagship business jet in the Gulfstream G series. Air Charter Advisors offers a variety of private jet services on the Gulfstream G650 / G650ER, including on-demand and bespoke jet charters, executive flights, and empty legs; G6 jet card memberships, fractional G6 ownership programs, and individual and corporate aviation services including GVI sales...
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4 Business Principles to Create a Happier & More Organized Home

TGIF! The work week is over! Escape the office for a couple days! Retreat to the solace of home! But wait. What if it’s sometimes the other way around? TGIM? Back to the office for five days, where the mail is sorted and there’s a tight schedule you can follow. Where there are no dirty socks under your chair. Even if you are not headed to an office on Monday morning, perhaps you long for the organizational oasis you imagine your spouse or close friends basking in while you fight to tame the utter chaos of domestic life. Between sorting the mail, paying bills, caring for kids, running errands, scheduling home maintenance, planning meals, and all of the hundred other little things that quickly take over the day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. In a business, the board would bring in a...
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