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Buying Your Own Plane


Owning a private aircraft is a major lifestyle enhancement. A private aircraft is an investment in your personal security, safety, and convenience that allows you to take back control of your time and restore air travel as a productive and enjoyable experience.

New Aircraft Sales

Luxury Seventy Seven is actively engaged in marketing many types of aircraft suitable for Private, Corporate or Commercial operation.
Luxury Seventy Seven can assist in aircraft purchase and our clientele in this regard includes the Banking & Finance Sector, Corporate & Charter Companies, Aero Clubs along with many individuals & overseas contacts.

Purchasing a pre-owned aircraft

Luxury Seventy Seven has the experience and expertise to offer our customers a complete aircraft acquisition service. From finding the right aircraft to purchase/leasing options, contracts, inspections, delivery, maintenance/support and ongoing aircraft management.

We will use our worldwide professional acquisition services to find the aircraft that best suits your needs today and in the future.

Selling your aircraft

The aviation sales market is global. Luxury Seventy Seven has the connections to ensure your aircraft can be seen anywhere in the world, and the experience to assist you with the entire process, from finding a buyer, to the transfer of ownership and registration either locally or internationally.

Your aircraft is represented to the market by one of the most experienced and successful groups of sales professionals in Africa, talking with and communicating to business and government leaders, the aviation sector, aircraft owners, operators and pilots around the world, every day.

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