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We offer chauffeur services for business and holiday travelers alike.
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Luxury Seventy Seven is a proud African brand that focuses on simplifying complex on the ground transportation and private aircraft charter travel needs for global VIPs.

Luxury Seventy Seven is a premier luxury company, specializing in the following areas; Luxury Air Travel, Luxury Car Hire/Rental, Luxury Yacht Hire/Rental, Luxury Concierge Services, Protection Services, Aircraft Sales, Yacht Sales and Media production

Luxury Seventy Seven can provide solutions to suit all passengers and organisation, offering services that range from Aircraft, Helicopter and Yacht transfers to global air cargo and executive travel.

Luxury Seventy Seven offers a wide and comprehensive fleet of vehicles, aircrafts and yachts that ensures that we can accommodate all your needs irrespective of where you may be based. Our flexible scheduling and personalised service will ensure that whether you voyage through the air, sea or road, your experience will be effortless and relaxed.

Our luxury services include but are not limited to;

Private Jet Charter
Chauffeur Services
Airport Transfers

Personal Meet & Greet Service
Point-to-Point Transfer
Corporate/Executive Transportation

Concierge Services
Close Protection
Car Rentals

Entertainment Arrangements:

Concerts and Theater Tickets
Sporting Events
Private Club Arrangements

Restaurant Reservations
Golf Tee Times
Tennis Court Rentals

Major Event Tickets
Media Production

We are glad to announce that we now offer armoured cars rentals. This is a necessity in the current South African climate which has seen a drastic increase in crime and as such a need for additional security measures. We have many options to suit the level of protection and luxury you require. For certain specific requirements, we are in a position to customise our fleet to your needs.

BMW X5 50i M-Sport

Level B4


Infiniti QX 80

Level B4


Mercedes ML500

Level B4

We can also assist if you wish to buy a new or used luxury armoured car. We have many options to suit the level of protection and luxury you require at affordable prices. Please call us for an appointment to discuss your luxury bulletproof and armoured car requirements and needs.
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Private Jet Charter Service

Offering the highest levels of service, safety, professionalism and comfort in global luxury jet charter service.
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